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Why and how can you start a blog?

Why and how can you start a blog?

If you desire to start blogging, then you’re in the right place. Now blogging is the right and smart way to reach your paradise. Think about any business is impossible for its success without the internet.

Therefore, to build your career online blogging has no alternative. As it provides a lot of opportunities to be a millionaire. As an example, you have a blog where you share your experience on social activities that people are reading constantly.

In the past, you have no intention that a blog can monetize in various ways. Now you have millions of visitors per/mo. The visitors are revenue for you. How?

The answer is simple. In the site, you may take the approval of Google AdSense. Through AdSense, you may earn a monthly $2000. Blogging only provides the opportunity of AdSense? It provides a lot of opportunities like-

1 Affiliate marketing

2 Marketing of self-products digital or physical

3 Sponsor post

4 Selling guest post

5 And more

To generate revenue you have to follow the chart: Content~Traffic~Revenue

How can you start a blog?

It is easy to start a blog. To start a blog you have to require –

1 Writing skills on a specific language

2 Then you need a platform, where you want to start. I recommend WordPress that is very flexible and handy to use as a CMS.

As a skill, you have to need to know

3 How to install WordPress?

4 How to create the first post?

For creating a post you need some components like- image, and some plugins.

Where you can get them? For image, you can browse Pexels, where you can get a huge free image as your requirement. And WordPress provides a lot of plugins for use that you have in the plugin library of WordPress. The most important and remarkable plugin is the Yoest SEO plugin that will help you to optimize your post and site for search engines.

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