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What is HTTP 404 not found error and how to solve it

What is HTTP 404 not found error and how to solve it

WordPress is the most popular and powerful CMS. Every webmaster has been facing HTTP 404 not found error since starting his website life. It is common for all webmasters. However, It is easy to find out any WordPress issues for any WordPress blogger. What is HTTP 404 not found error and how to solve it? The question may appear in your mind. So we will try to recover your problem.

Therefore, you need to go through the whole article to get a better solution for your issue.

In this article, we will show how to recover post returning 404 errors.

What is HTTP 404 not found error?

Before starting, you need to know what HTTP 404 not found the error is. A 404 error is an HTTP status code. The code means that the page you are trying to access could not be found on their server.

When you see the error you must fall in stress. What occurred to my website? This is the common question for you as a newbie. In this situation, you can access your WordPress admin area, When you try to access a single post, you get a 404 error or Not found an error. The website visitors who try to reach a single post but are failing. They notice a 404 error message.  The error message displays different massage on different websites.

Why did the HTTP 404 not found error occurs on your site?

The very common reason may be missing any content from your website that you removed for any purpose or by any mistake. Otherwise, whenever you may remove any content or any page without redirect to a new one, you will receive the error message. That means that the page or content you are trying to reach on your website has been removed. The error message can appear in any browser. 

Besides, this usually occurs when your .htaccess file got deleted or something went wrong with the rewrite rules.

First of all, don’t panic if you see the error. Because most of the time, your posts are still there and completely safe. You will not have afraid of losing the contents.

How to solve the HTTP 404 not found error?

Get started to find out the error-

  • First, try to browse the page that you tried to reach and reload the page by pressing the reload button. Retry the URL from the address bar. ( Sometimes the browser for any reason takes some time or show the error. If there is no real issue that exists, the page you are looking for will often load by a simple refresh. )
  • Sometimes the error appears because of the URL that you browsed. It may be that you are typing the wrong URL. So check your URL that you browsed to access on the page.
  • Often times the 404 not found error may appear for the reason of the browser. So change the browser and browse another browser. If the fault is on the browser that you used past, you can access the page
  • If you fail to solve the problem, you have to another process.

Therefore, to solve the problem, you need to fix your permalinks settings.

Go to your WordPress admin dashboard and then Settings => Permalinks. Going there click on the save button without making any change. After doing this, your permalinks will be update and flush rewrite rules. Most of the time, this solution solves the 404 error.

However, if it does not fix the error, then you need to update your .htaccess file manually.

Update your .htacces file manually

To update your .htacces file manually, you need to login to your cPanel. From the file manager, go there where .htaccess file is located and modify the file to update.

To do temporarily this work, you can make the file writeable by changing the permissions to 666. Then do the original solution. You should not forget to change the permissions to 660. You can also add this code in your .htaccess file:

# BEGIN WordPress
<IfModule mod_rewrite. c> 
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase  /
RewriteRule  ^index \ .php$  – [L]
 ! -f
 ! -d
RewriteRule  ^index \ .php$  – [L] 
</ IfModule>
#END WordPress

If you are benefited to read the article, then please share the article and stay with us to get a better solution to your problem. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you face any problem on your WordPress site.

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