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Learn The Feature of the WordPress Admin Panel

Learn the Features of the WordPress Admin Panel

The WordPress admin panel is a place where authenticated users can access and manage any content.

WordPress is a content management system or CMS. Going to the WordPress admin panel you can edit, organize and publish content.

How to access it?

To access admin panel you need to go to After that, a page will be opened that looks like: You have to log in with the WordPress user and password.

wp-login URL

After logging, you will see your admin panel. Your admin panel looks like this page.

Admin Panel

Different Parts of the Admin Panel

Visiting admin panel you will see many parts of its. Now we will introduce you to them.

Admin Menu: Logging the admin panel you will see a navigation menu on the left side of the Admin Panel called admin menu. It is the main menu of the admin panel. Many menu items play an individual role for your site.

The Menu Items of the Admin menu

On the Admin Panel, the menu has many menu items. Dashboard, Posts, Media, Pages, Appearance, Plugins, Users, Tools, Settings, etc. They are the most important menu items. The first time, when you will visit, you will see these common items that are most important for your blog.

Dashboard: It is a default page with dashboard widgets. It contains Home (homepage) and Updates(for updating any content themes plugins).

Posts: This item will help to create a post and manage post by editing, deleting, adding. It also contains post category. By selecting the post category you can arrange your posts.

Appearance: From it, you can manage your theme by editing and customizing theme.

Plugins: Using it you can add, activate, delete and change settings of WordPress plugins when you need.

Users: From it, you can manage your users’ information by editing. You can add, delete, edit change your users and change your personal information. You also set permission levels or roles.

Tools: This is a place where is placed additional tools by WordPress.

Settings: All settings of your site are here. You will find also the settings of the installed plugins that you have installed.

Many Other Parts of the Admin Panel

Learn The Feature of the WordPress Admin Panel

There are many parts in the admin panel. They play an important role in creating a responsive website.

Admin Bar: It is on the top of the admin panel. It shows some important information for authenticated users only.

User Info: It is on the top right of the admin panel. It shows the profile of the user who presently logs in..It also shows the button for logging out.

Content Area: It is the most common parts of the panel. It is located in the center. In the area, you will see all most all data is shown

Screen Option: It is located on the top right corner but under the admin bar. Some items are hidden on the page. By heating over the ‘Screen Options ‘ button, you can see the items. If you don’t find any options or items on the page, you can see the items hidden.

Dashboard Widgets: It is a large area where located Welcome WordPress Dashboard and Content Area. It is very handy to move and manage.

Welcome WordPress Dashboard Widgets: It shows some important information for users who are the first time. You can remove or hide it by clicking on Dismiss.

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