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Learn WordPress theme Customization Step by Step

Learn WordPress theme Customization Step by Step

Learn WordPress Theme Customization

After completing your WordPress installation, you need to install a WordPress theme that you want to use. In this tutorial, we will cover how to customize an installed theme. Go through the whole article and learn WordPress theme customization.

I hope it will be a very easy task for you after completing the article.

So let’s start without wasting time –

To install and customize a theme, you have to log in to your WordPress dashboard with WordPress user and password that you have created at the time of installing WordPress.

How to Access the WordPress theme Customization Page?

To start customizing your theme, you need to go to Appearance=> Themes page from your WordPress deash board.

Going ahead, press the ‘Add New‘ button and you will see a page with many WordPress themes they are free to use.

At present, all of the WordPress themes that are created allow you to customize various details of its appearance with WordPress Customizer. Every theme doesn’t allow customizing the same way. Customization of a theme will depend on the theme’s features that you want to customize.

In this tutorial, we will show the customization of the default theme of WordPress ‘Twenty Seventeen’ theme.

Before starting the WordPress theme customization, you have to learn WordPress theme customization. It is a simple process.

After activation of the theme, you can access the customizer going to Appearance from the admin panel. 

Learn WordPress theme Customization

Going to the customizer, you will see a menu bar on the left side of the page that will be open as a customizer before you. On the right side, you will see the live previews of its change that you will do.

Learn WordPress theme Customization

Set a Custom Header

The header is the most identifiable part of any WordPress website. Most of the WordPress websites’ headers are designed with the brand name and the logo of the website. In this case, you can customize both in one place.

To customize the header, you need to go to the customizer, and then click on the box labeled either “Header” “Header Image”, something similar depending on the theme.

As a newbie, you will see something like:

Learn WordPress theme Customization
Theme Customizer

Then, click on the “Add New Image” button. After doing this, you will notice a media uploader that will help you to upload a new image. On the left side of the uploader, you will notice tow buttons – ‘Upload Files‘ and ‘Media Library‘.

The Upload Files button will allow you to upload an image from your PC. On the other hand, The Media Library will help you to upload an image from the media library. If you are the first time in the media library, there will not have any image to upload.

Pick a high-quality and high-regulation image, and scale properly using WordPress’s own tools.

To do this, you need to click on the “Select and Crop” button. At this point, WordPress provides you with its own set of tools for making sure the limitations depending on the theme’s space.

Set your logo and favicon

To set your site logo, you need to go the customizer and then click on the box labeled “Site Identity”. After that, you will notice two things here: 1. Set the logo, 2.Set the site icon.

First of all, you start with the logo uploading. The logo that you will upload, will be as a transparent PNG (without a background). To upload the logo, you need to click on the “Select logo” button, and then you will again crop and adjust the final image using WordPress tools. 

Secondly, you will set the site icon that also is known as Favicon. The favicon works as an iconic figure occupying very little space in the visiter’s browser bar. It will carry the symbol of your business or brand.

After uploading the site icon, you will see something like this:


Adjust the color

Some WordPress themes allow you to customize the default color. To customize the color, you need to go customizer. Going to customizing color section, you notice like this:

Color Customizer

There WordPress allows customizing background color, page background color, link color, media text color, secondary text color depending on the theme.

By using the color scheme, you can change your theme’s default color.

Set a custom background

Most of the WordPress themes support customizable backgrounds as well as color settings. 

Once you pick up a background image from your PC, you will again crop and adjust the final image using WordPress tools. 

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