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Who am I? Know the Bh Rubel

Hi, I am Billal Hosen Rubel from Bangladesh and founder of the Bh Rubel. I am a Web Developer and Designer. I love coding and writing. 

Founder of the Bh Rubel

I founded the Bh Rubel website. In this site, I am expressing my personal experience and try to help others who are the newbies. 

Bh Rubel is fraught with WordPress tutorials. Visiting the site, anyone can be a WordPress Blogger and make money with his Blog. I created the site with the view to sharing my experiences with all. So I hope you all will continue with me by sharing my feeling and expression with you, and your nearest and dearest friends.

 At the time, most WordPress tutorials are created by myself for you. So you can visit the site to make yourself as a WordPress blogger. 

To create your WordPress site, if you face any problem, I have to help you to solve the problem.

Therefore, you may contact me. On the website, I always publish PDF and Ebook on WordPress tips and tricks. 

If you have any questions on WordPress, don’t hesitate to ask and contact me.

Personal Details

Bh Rubel

I completed my Post-graduation in English Literature in 2015. Then I have got training for a year from Update IT. Now I am creating different types of website. The Bh Rubel has been designed and developed by myself.

These are my favorite

From when I could realize the game, I like the best cricket. From my boyhood, I played well. Now I play cricket occasionally. But not like the past. At the present time, I often keep myself busy with writing and coding. Now I often dream of day time in open eyes. It may be called a daydream.

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