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How to Fix Syntax Error in WordPress

How to Fix the Syntax Error in WordPress

As a new one in WordPress, you may face many errors. Though they are tiny errors, they are a matter of great pain to a new one. A small little error, like Syntax error, can spoil the whole website, which is very scary, particularly for new users.

The syntax error is not a crucial problem. So don’t freak out. Our website is an abundance of such tutorials which help you to be an expert on WordPress.

In this article, we will explain how to fix the syntax error. Read the article and remove your scariness.

Using Proper Syntax to Avoid Errors

This error is very tiny. It is a very critical factor when you are a new one. This error usually occurs at the time of trying to code snippets into WordPress and have accidentally missed something or code has incorrect syntax. Most of the time, you may miss a semicolon, comma, braces, parentheses. An extra curly bracket can brack the whole script. The result of these errors you will see a notice like:

Parse error- syntax error, unexpected $end in /public_html/ site/wp-content/ themes/ my-theme/ functions.php on line 111

Did you recently paste a snippet or edit any snippet from the web? If you did it, go there where you paste or edit and fix the error.

How to find out where Syntax Error happened and how to edit or paste the correct code

If you pasted the code applying your WordPress dashboard Appearance=>Editor section, then you are bolted out. Can’t you log in your WordPress admin panel?

To fix the error, you have to visit your cPanel, and from the file manager, you need to go there where the error occurred.

Where did the error occur how to fix?

You can know where the error occurred by the message shown on the screen. The error message will tell you exactly which file and which line you need to edit. Going there, you can either remove the code that you last added or write the correct code. Then you need to save the file. Coming to your WordPress site, refresh the page, and it will be working.

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