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Learn How to Set up Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit: Learn How to Set Up Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit is the brand name of a new SEO/analytics plugin developed by Google for WordPress. Installing it on your site, you will be able to connect most of Google’s powerful services like Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, PageSpeed Insight, Google Optimize, and Google Tag Manager -directly to your site.

After connecting them to the Google Site kit on your website, you can manage your site from your WordPress dashboard, without logging individually above the services of Google. All of the information that you need, will get your WordPress dashboard. I think it is the most comfortable for all.

In this tutorial, we will cover how to set up a Google Site Kit and link up with Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, PageSpeed Insight, Google Optimize, and Google Tag Manager.

How To Set Up Google Site Kit

Before installing the plugin, it will be better to connect your WordPress website with Google services such as Google console and Google analytics.

Once connected, you can install Google Site Kit on your website. To Install the plugin, you need to download the zip file of the plugin, then upload the plugin on your website and activate it.

After downloading, go to your WordPress dashboard and from there Plugin=> Add New and click on the Upload button, then it will be uploaded. Once uploaded, click the Install button and then activate it.

Configuring Google Site Kit in WordPress

In this step, you need to configure the Google Site kit plugin in WordPress. After completing the installation, you need to connect the Google Site kit to all Google services such as Google search console and google analytics. By default, after creating the client configuration, your search console data will be connected to the Google site kit.

Authorize the Plugin

Once installed, go to the WordPress dashboard and, there you will see a new menu called Google Site Kit that you installed. Click on it, and then you will notice a page like:

Client configuration

From this page, you can authorize the plugin. In this page, you will see a link, clicking on the link, you will go another page. On the bottom of the page, you will get a ‘GET OAUTH CREDENTIAL’ button.

Oauth Credential

After clicking the bottom, it will give a code. Copying the code, return the previous page and paste the code where you need to paste the code, then proceed.

It is important to remember that you have to log in to your Gmail before the whole process. Then you need to Authenticate with your Gmail. To Authenticate, you need to login to your Gmail. Then it will be Authenticated with your Gmail. 

How to link Google Search Console and Google Analytics to the plugin

After completing the process, go to the dashboard and you will notice like Google search console, Google Analytics, Google Adsense, and Pagespeed 4 services of Gooogle. By default, Google search console will be connected, but others you will connect manually.

Connect Google services to Google Site Kit

To connect Google Analytics, you need to click on the Connect service and you will notice a page like:

Unverified app screen

Then click on the PROCEED button. After that, you will be said to login with your Gmail.

After doing this, it will open a page like:

Don’t worry to see the message. Click on the Advanced button and it will disclose a message. You also notice a link like:

Clicking on ‘Go to’ link, you will go ahead. Then you will get some pop-up. On these, you will be said to allow.

Allow all permissions required by Google Site Kit to use access your Google Analytics account.

After doing this, your analytics will be connected and then you can see all the information your Google Analytics that you have seen by logging Analytics account. Now you can see all the information of Analytics on your WordPress dashboard.

By using this process, you can connect the others to the plugin.

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